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I'm very much in love with the BBC's new Emma adaptation. Despite its smaller flaws I love it more than any of the prior Emmas.

I was unkind towards this adaptation when I first saw the trailer. I didn't think that the cast would be good enough and I found the scenes they showed plain boring. BUT, oh my, did I have to change my opinion when I first saw the actual episodes.

What I love most about it is possibly the always present sadness - be it Ms Bates, or Jane or even Emma. None other has quite been able to show the loneliness of all three characters. At the same time, it's still fun and pretty and gorgeous! I really can't stop raving about it.

Much thanks to Emma/Knightley 2009 who have charmed me as none of the other Emma/Knightley pairing have done before. Sure, I loved Jeremy Northam as Knightley, but Jonny Lee Miller is a more accurate Knightley. Less dashing than Frank Churchill, but infinitely more charming and honest. Also, Romola Garai is a wonderful Emma. Someone said that they had no chemistry. I beg to differ, for I can't stop watching this scene in which they do not need any words to communicate feelings. It's in their eyes, their moves, their smiles. It's all there - and I am most excited for next week's finale.

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I haven't updated my dw in a while, I know :( It's like I'm unable to deal with both lj and dw. But I will definitely hold on to my account here if lj keeps screwing up.
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Zachary Quinto with Spock eyebrows I solely blame Zachary Quinto for making me go see Star Trek twice. I've never even been that much into Star Trek. I only remember watching it along with my big brother. But I was pretty impressed with the new movie. J.J. Abrams is a god, let's face it, and I think the fandom does definitely profit a lot from his take on the story. Looking forward to the sequel in 2011 :)
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my posts over at livejournal are usually all German. If you prefer reading in German, feel free to add me there: for now, this, here, shall be my English journal. :)


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